About me

Hi, I’m Yao Fong, the owner of this blog.

This blog has been around for many years, mainly posting my personal things in the past.

As I started my own venture earlier this year, I thought it is good for me to also have a professional blog.

So I decided to reboot this space and share some professional stuff.

Past experience

So, prior to this, what did I do?

I am a computer science graduate. First job was a web developer in a small company, handling client’s web project on on my own most of the time.

Tried to apply for a job in Facebook Malaysia, made it into 2nd interview, but failed in the end.

After 3 years in this I.T. field, I shifted to a whole new field.

I went into property development, to help out my dad and most importantly learn everything about property from ground up.

I join this field with big ambition, but in the end it didn’t work out for me.

Nevertheless, throughout the 2 short years in property line, I have learnt a lot. From development planning, land purchasing, construction, procedure of property buying, real world business perspective and a lot more.

I guess I will never learnt all these if I stayed in I.T. line.

First venture

I always wanted to start something on my own. (And most of  us think the same, don’t you?)

After I resigned from the company, I thought why not try doing it this time. If not now, then when? (my new motto)

So after one month away from property company, NextTrip.my was born, accompanied with a Facebook Page www.fb.com/NextTrip.my.

I will talk more about the “How” about our startup/web site/blog/company or what you like to call it, in my blog post but not now.

In less than 4 months, we achieved financial sustainability, earning more than what other used to pay me in the past.

With this, we could and we will keep growing our startup.


Besides business, I started learning Chinese Metaphysics. What’s that?

Normal people would call it, Feng Shui, BaZi, ZiWei Dou Shu and all these Chinese ancient stuffs.

Some might call it superstitious thingy, not until you really study about it.

If you are open minded, and ever need some advise(financially or career), you can contact me.

I can give you some simple advise, in return I get chance to practice what I’ve learnt.


So this is my story so far.

Thanks for reading about me.