How’s my self-employed life?

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Ever since I quit my former job and start something on my own, I was being asked for a same question for many times, “How is your entrepreneur life?”.

First of all, while most of the people thought starting a business (especially for the first time) on your own means entrepreneurship. Below is a new concept I learnt from Dato Joey Yap:


Employee->Self Employed->Business Manager->Entrepreneur->Investor


So I’m just a self employed at this point.


Thanks to the bonus I’ve received from my former company, I am able to survive for the first few months of my self employed days without income.

People often will have a lot of questions for you, eg. How much do you earn? How you get your profit? Are you earning enough? Is your business Okay? etc…

I often feel embarrassed to answer these questions. (Hey, which business start profitable from day one? There there is any, please let me know!)


Luckily after 3 months of hard work, we finally get our first pay check. Now we are able to fund ourselves to provide more services to the mass.


I thought our current work rate is not high enough. The fact is only I myself is doing this as full time, the other two partners are having their full time job.

A lot of our plans still stuck in the backyard. Hopefully the money coming will give us a boost to deliver more and faster.


There goes my little experience of self-employment.

I’ve compiled some ideas for folks out there who are planning to start their own venture:

  1. Start simple
  2. Don’t expect to get paid punctually
  3. Build an ecosystem, not product
  4. Everyday could be your work day

More to come…